An Introduction To Binary World

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An Introduction To Binary World

Post by CPU: on Sat Mar 21, 2015 1:26 pm

Binary World is a fairly demented and almost completely random land, largely ungoverned and prone to spontaneous change.

While largely unknown amongst it's inhabitants this realm acts as a giant 'computer'

Binary World is, made up of thousands of different 'sectors', which based on a predetermined value either represent a '0' or a '1', and thus acting as a single valve, in the Computer.
A sector can be as little as a medow, which contains and old out-house and an oldman, and it's state of '0' or '1' can depend on, for example the presence of penguins.

The changes which have to be made for the computer to operate unfortunately lead to inhabitants being teleported/morphed/multipled or terminated in order for thecomputer to function.

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