An Introduction

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An Introduction

Post by CPU: on Sat Mar 21, 2015 1:49 pm

Welcome to That Dusty Box Of RPG Cartridges.

In case you haven't noticed this is a site of text-based Role-Playing-Games.
While differing in setting and style, it's likely these RPG will include some of my personal habitual intrests,
as I will be the one running them.

These intrests include:
- Fire-arms. The use and mechanics of such.
- Phonetics, accents, and so on. At times I may be driven to 'Oul fon-et-ik tuy-piNG'
- Weirdness. Abstract weirdness and weird creatures. Not all forums will humans, or even human-like beings.

For the convience of YOU, a breif guide to some of these things can be found in this topic.

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